Finnish Chihuahua Club's

Major Special Show in 2018

Smooth coated 20.10.2018

Long coated 21.10.2018


Show's results are published.

Show's timetableletters ( email ) has been sent.

Show's timetableletters ( normal post ) has been sent.

Show's timetable is published. There is 134 dogs, 7 breeders classes and 2 progeny classes entered to the Show at Saturday. and 140 dogs, 6 breeders classes and 3 progeny classes entered to the Show at Sunday.

There is going to be an unofficial brace competition in the show. You can enter your dogs to this class in show venue. Both dogs must be entered also to official classes. The dogs which are entered to brace class must have same coat quality.

Progeny class is a quality grading for a group comprised of a male or a bitch and four of its offspring. It is possible to enter for example smooth coated male with four long coated offspring and that class is shown on Saturday or long coated female with four smooth coated offspring and that class is shown on Sunday. The offspring must have been awarded the grading excellent or very good at the same show. The male or the bitch does not have to be signed up for other classes, but it has to be presented together with its progeny group.

Show's webpages are opened.